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How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils!?

How to Buy doTERRA Essential Oils!?

So you've decided you want to get your hands on these yummy oils, well let me tell you how and some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing doTERRA!

How to get your hands on the oils...
There are a couple of options for you:

  1. Buy the oils at retail prices through a Wellness Advocate - this can be done through my personal doTERRA website, although this is not something I recommend to people as its not the smartest way to get the oils. But for some this is what they want to do, or what is right for them at that point in time so the option is there!
    1. Enter our website here and click ‘shop’. Please make sure you use our ID number 4805985, if it asks who referred you.
  2. Set up a Wholesale Account (Get 25% OFF!!), here are 2 ways to do so - feel free to contact me though if you have any more questions about it!. Some of the benefits of the wholesale account:
    1. Pay $35 membership fee and just get the couple of oils that you want to get at this time. The membership fee gives you access to the wholesale account for a year, you will be given log-in details to your doTERRA back office where you can order oils whenever you wish. 
    2. Sign up with one of the amazing kits that doTERRA offer and the membership fee is waived. These are the most economical and one of the smartest ways to get these oils into your home. See below 2 popular kits, Home Essential Kits being the most popular one. 

Check out the different enrolment kits here. Also check out the full price list of all the products here

Ready to get started with your oils and get 25% off??

To start you own wholesale account enter our doTERRA site here and select ‘Join and Save’.

  1. Select your Language & Country of Residence
  2. Select Local (OTG) Order (Australian Warehouse, Australian Dollars if applicable)
  3. Make sure you select option “Wholesale Prices” is selected. (This membership will give you 25% on all products but will NOT obligate you in any way to sell or buy.)
  4. Fill out the top of the application with your personal information. 
  5. Enter your password for your Virtual Office. This is where you will be able to place future orders and track past orders.
  6. Select either the enrolment kit you would like (and waive the joining fee) or choose your single oils and add your 'Welcome Introductory Packet for $35 (this is your membership).
    I often recommend to also add a bottle of 'fractionated coconut oil' to your order so you can start to create blends and apply the oils safely to your body.
  7. Select continue and you will be directed to the next page to input your credit card details. Complete this and submit your order.

This next step is totally optional, however I recommend this also as its a great way to slowly build your collection of oils rather than having to get it all at once. (For more info on the rewards program just scroll down). 

Last step: Set up your Loyalty Rewards Program order. This is completely optional and is for those who see the value in purchasing a small order each month.

Once you have joined I will send you a welcome letter including all the tools and resources you can utilize to help support your health and wellness.

WAIT!! Theres more....

doTERRA also offer another amazing rewards program which is one of the most intelligent ways to get your ongoing supply of oils - trust me once you get your hands on your first order you will be so excited about getting more that this will be the way to go! An easy way to think of the rewards program is like a frequent flyer program, as you shop you get a percentage of what you order back in product points. These points can then be used to get free products! On this rewards program you start off at 10% for the first 3 months, this increases by 5% each month until you reach 30%. Hence your rewards points accumulate at a higher rate the longer you are on the rewards program allowing you to get your oils for free! This is non-obligatory, very flexible and you have total control of this - plus its a great affordable way to slowly but surely get your oily goodness into your home to replace your usual household products. 



Exposure to toxins/chemicals in the home

Exposure to toxins/chemicals in the home